Thigh sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) / with quadracipital pad MyoTrain® Bauerfeind

Thigh sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) / with quadracipital pad MyoTrain® Bauerfeind

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The MyoTrain active support provides a natural therapy for muscle injuries to the thigh and hamstrings. MyoTrain is composed of skin-friendly breathable knit, with a combination of strap system and two different removable visco-elastic pressure cushions (pads). The strap offers an enhanced support to the injured muscles such as such as muscle fiber tears or pulls, myosclerosis or bruising. The visco-elastic pad can be removed or added, provides cushioning of the injured muscles, help reduce swelling, prevents further injuries and accelerates the healing process. The oblique designed individual tension straps provides precise compression on the musculature during each movement. MyoTrain can be used immediately after an injury, the acute pad can be added to the targeted injured muscles for compression to care care of stopping the hemorrhaging or prevent further spreading of hematoma. The complete system offers support and precise compression to the injured thigh and hamstring muscles.
  • Type:thigh sleeve
  • Options:with quadracipital pad
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