Lumbar support belt / with reinforcements SofTec® Lumbo Bauerfeind

Lumbar support belt / with reinforcements SofTec® Lumbo Bauerfeind
SofTec® Lumbo

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After an injury to the lumbar spinal column, or with an ongoing condition such as spondylolisthesis or sacroiliac joint dysfunction mobilization of the muscles in the back is sometimes necessary. With the Softec® Lumbo this can be achieved with varying degrees of intensity. Individual elements of the orthosis can be added, replaced or removed to make the necessary adjustments, which can even be made when the user is confined to a hospital bed. The modules of the SofTec® Lumbo are made up of an anatomically shaped plastic shell and two pairs of corset rods which can be replaced for varying degrees of hardness and elasticity. The rods are inserted together in varying combinations into the support structure, which is made up of elastic knitted fabric. The best support comes from using the shell alongside the stiffest rods and the gentlest...
  • Type of spine support:lumbar
  • Options:with reinforcements
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