Orthopedic insoles GloboTec® comfort sports Bauerfeind

Orthopedic insoles GloboTec® comfort sports Bauerfeind
GloboTec® comfort sports

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The foot orthosis has been designed for sporty people who want to enjoy a combination of movement and comfort. Its cushion layer has the integrated PowerWave® Technology, which is already tried and tested. This technology supports natural foot movement. It has moderate arch supports that allow people to get used to the orthosis quickly. This relieves pressure all throughout the body. The orthosis also reduces the risks of getting injured significantly while helping sports enthusiasts improve their performance. PowerWave® Technology permits a natural gait pattern for leisure and sport. Every step is cushioned by soft materials. The rigid materials provide guidance as well as support to where the foot needs it. It is truly the best foot orthosis for sport.
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