Iliac support belt / sacroiliac (SIO) / sacral SacroLoc® Bauerfeind

Iliac support belt / sacroiliac (SIO) / sacral SacroLoc® Bauerfeind

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The SacroLoc orthosis helps to provide an correct support for pain and acroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome). The device consists of two-part visco-elastic cushion (pad) which massages the sacroiliac joints which stimulates circulation and provides relief form pressure on the pelvis and symphysis. The process helps through a natural healing process by stabilizing and relieving pressure. The device is designed with specific target on the sacroiliac joints. The adjustable straps with a combination of non-elastic and elastic knit stabilizes and relieves pressure of the sacroiliac joints and the two-part pad on the back gently massages the pain points. The process stimulates circulation f specific points which relieves tension and pain. The flat anatomical fit provides a comfortable and customizable process. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction accounts for 25 % of all cases related to back pain in the lumbar spine area and SacroLoc orthosis provides an ideal solution to it.
  • Type of spine support:sacroiliac (SIO), sacral, iliac
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