Therapeutic apheresis machine Immonupure® NIKKISO Europe

Therapeutic apheresis machine Immonupure® NIKKISO Europe

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The Apheresis is used to successfully treat IBD disease (IBD: inflammatory bowel disease) and was introduced in some countries several years ago. The device has been successful with patients suffering from chronic inflammatory disease. The Apheresis has bee studied for several years for treating colitis ulcerosa. Immunopure is regarded as a novel apheresis medical device to treat the patients with ulcerative colitis. The device features an absorption column that enables adsorbtion of the platelets as well as the inflammatory cell's special surface properties. As per recent studies, the granulocytes, monocytes and platelets occupy a vital role in the local inflammatory process of the gut's mucosa. Hence reducing the tissue infiltration by inflammatory cells and preventing transmigration of pro-inflammatory peripheral blood cells to the inflammation site is carried out to reduce the inflammation in patients.
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