Hemodialysis machine DBB-06 NIKKISO Europe

Hemodialysis machine DBB-06 NIKKISO Europe

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With the increasing number of patients who require dialysis treatment and the increasing cost pressures in health care demand cost-optimizing facilities on the part of the provider. The DBB-06 Dialysis System we are making it possible for our partners to be able to offer need-based and cost-cutting dialysis treatments. Approximately 70% of all dialysis treatments performed in Germany are standard hemodialysis. The standard equipment is very extensive in its basic version. It has a Single-needle with single pump, filter setting for ultra-pure dialysis fluid, conductivity and Bicarbonate profile control, ISO-UF programme, Dialyzer inlet blood pressure monitoring, online Kt/V calculation, holder for standard Bicarbonate cartridges, central concentrate supply for two terminals, connection for nurse call and an external status display.
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