Synthetic bone substitute / rigid Cal-CEMEX Tecres

Synthetic bone substitute / rigid Cal-CEMEX Tecres

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Cal-CEMEX is a state of the art reinforced bone substitute with a combined formula of b0TCP and PMMa; this encourages bones to grow and assures quick and large amounts of mechanical resistance. This produce offers osteoconductivit, allowed by the B-TCP section is because of its unique porosity. The open porosity lets liquids penetrate the inside of the material, which encourages bone ingrowth. The microporosity allows for the bone to remake in a diffuse way. The macro porosity allows for brand new bone tissue to form, allowing distinctions into lamellae. Because of the PMMA part of Cal-CEMEX reaches maximum mechanical resistance right away. It allows for an unaltered noise over time. It is an enduring support for bone tissue.
  • Susbstitute type:synthetic
  • Features:rigid