Bone cement Vancogenx Tecres

Bone cement Vancogenx Tecres

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The Vancogenx bone cement product is made with a high dosage amount of Vancomycin and Gentamicin to ensure that the product can be run right. This is made with a good viscosity level for all sorts of usage needs and can work for manual and syringe applications with a non-abrasive control. The barium sulphate in the unit is effective and the heat created in the curing process and the low toxicity level thanks to a low monomer content help to make it work right. This is used particularly for revision surgery when an infection from resistant micro-organisms affects tissues in the human body. The two compounds used here have syngeric controls where the antibacterial effects are better as they work together. This works for covering a majority of the pathogens that would have to be isolated in the orthopaedic process. This is especially designs to work well with bone cement.