Bone cement CEMEX GENTA Tecres

Bone cement CEMEX GENTA Tecres

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The CEMEX GENTRA bone cement is just what any physician needs. It comes in four different versions, each contain gentamicin. These cements are used if there is a risk or presence of infection that happened because of organisms that are sensitive to gentamicin. The extraordinary 3:1 ratio between powder and liqip allows Cemex in various areas from the normal 2:1 ration. This allows the surgeon, the operating theatre staff, and the patients more safety. The low amount of monomer in this cement (lower than many others on the market) allows for the lowest toxicity, due in part to the acrylic resin. Even if one gram, the heat generates heat that reaches 130 Kcal. The maximum post-experiment temperature is lowered by the Cemex requires less heat, thus preserving body tissues. This shrinking can be reduced during the cement after the polymerization.