Bone cement injection kit CEMEX Tecres

Bone cement injection kit CEMEX Tecres

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The Cemex product range has a unique cementation system that already has both powder and liquid inside it. Cemex System is an “all-in-one” system capable of providing safety and simplicity in a single device. Today, after years enhancement, the device is available in 8 variants and with 5 different kind of cannulas. The wide range of products and accessories of Cemex System adapts to multiple surgeons needs. No risk of contamination: Cemex System is completely sealed. Operators do not come into contact with the material at any stage of the cementation process, nor do the components come into contact with the environment. No vapours: the system is completely odour-free, thus protecting operators from being exposed to monomer fumes. Easy to use and store: Cemex System combines a bone-cement mixing system with a bone-cement delivery system. There are no bags to open up, nor tubes to connect together.