Surgical laser / diode / on trolley Emvera Claro 2 Emvera

Surgical laser / diode / on trolley Emvera Claro 2 Emvera
Emvera Claro 2

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Claro2 Medical Laser System The Claro, laser technology offers the most innovative approach to laser treatments today. It provides an acceptable and ccmfbrtable procedure under little or no anesthesia with minimum pain from evaporation of the skin layers, resulting in minimal social or work downtime. The laser delivers a series of microscopic, closely-spaced laser spots to the skin while sim Jtaneously preserving the normal, healthy skin. The undamaged skin beccmes a reservoir of tissue for fast heating and regeneration of the treated area by producing and providing new dermal collagen and eliminating epidermal pigmentation and irregularities to the skin tone. The Claro, laser system is specially designed to improve skin texture and tone, and fight wrinkles, scars and pigmentations. Since the treatment procedures are customized to patients 'skin, operators are able to adjjst laser settings to tailor treatm ents and achieve superior results. Applications Include: - Dental procedures including but not limited to: * Periodontal procedures such as gingivectcmy, removal of hyperplasias, gSngivoplasty jjncision and excision Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and General - Surgery procedures including but not limited to: * Laser skin resurfacing * Treatment of furrows and wrinkles * Rem oval of skin tags, actinic keratosis, acne scars, keldds, tattoos, telangiectasia squamous and basel cell carcinoma, warts and uneven pigmentation * Treatm ent of cys ts, abs ces ses, hemorrhoids and other soft tissue applications * Blepharoplasty * Site preparation for hair transplants
  • Amplifying medium:diode
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
  • Application:surgical
641 10th St,
Cedartown, Georgia
United States
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