IPL system / on casters AestheLite Emvera

IPL system / on casters AestheLite Emvera

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A New Generation IPL Technology Intense Pulsed Light (PL) technology is an innovation based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis and photochemical effects.This broad band light reacts with the skin tissue for in flam m atory acne, pigmented and vascular lesions, and hair removal treatment without damaging skin, AestheLite Laser Features AestheUte's new cutting edge technology, V5PC (Variable Synchronized Pulse Control), enables more effective and safer clinical results. AestheLites three-layer filtration technology blocks the harmful light so that the transmitted light for treatm ent is safe and has no side effects to practitioners or patients. Multiple rectangular pulse waveform technology allows the user to obtain the best treatm ent results by selecting different pulse widths and pulse delays fee different treatment areas and skin types. Dual Handpieces with different wavelengths and convenient switching from one to the other provide flexibility to clinical applications. User-friendly Interface together with a 10.4"TFT touch screen display provides flexible customization and simplified operation. The PCC system provides patients with comfortable and consistent cooling without burning the epidermis. The ESP technology connects all interfaces in a secure way. The automatic recognition of handpieces and handpiece exchange m akes operation and m aintenance m ere convenient and reliable.
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