Dermatological laser / diode Emvera Q2 Emvera

Dermatological laser / diode Emvera Q2 Emvera
Emvera Q2

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Q2 Medical Laser System The Q switch laser is the most effective device for unwanted tattoos. For other treatments, the I064nm wavelength is extremely effective in the treatment of dermal melanocytosis, such as Nevus of Ota. The 532nm wavelength is excellent for the removal of epidermal pigm en ted lesions. Q2 Laser Features Provide: * High Peak Power and Shortest Pulse Width The shorter the pulse width, the higher the peak energy. (Minimized Therm al damage) * Adjustable Aiming Beam Adjjst brightness acccrding to the lesion or skin cdor, (630nm Diode Laser) * Top Hat Beam Profile Minimizes epidermal dam age and transient textural change. 532nm: Light Ink (Red.Tan, Purple,and Orange)Tattoos * Epidermal Pigmented Lesiens * Minor Vascul ar Les ¡cris * Lenti gines * Café-Au-Lait * Seborrheic Keratoses * Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation * Beckers Nevi, Freckles and Nevi Spilus I OMnm: Dark Ink (Black, Blue and Brown)Tattoos * Nevus of Ota * Lightening of unwanted hair with or without adjuvant preparation * Common Nevi * Skin resurfacing procedures for the treatment of acne scars and wtinkles
  • Application:dermatological
  • Amplifying medium:diode
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