Surgical laser / CO2 / tabletop Perio Pro Emvera

Surgical laser / CO2 / tabletop Perio Pro Emvera
Perio Pro

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The Safest Laser for Use by YourHygienist The CO, laser has the longest safety record in the industry. The Em vera Perio Pro CO, laser has a setting that allows the hygienist to perform laser-assisted curettage and pocket sterilization safely, without the risk of tissue dam age. Why A C02 Laser for Treating Periodontal Infection? CO, is the perfect laser for treating periodontal infection. The Centers fcr Dental Medicine have reviewed data fee over eight years on the effectiveness of CO, lasers, and found the use of CO, lasers has outperformed every other known periodontal therapy. The results were measured and verified by the Florida Probe System. * Surface ablation of diseased tissue * Immediate reduction of swelling and inflamed gum tissue * Vaporization of dead bacteria and endotoxins * Production of a protective protein coagulum barrier to promote healing * Immediate and long-lasting results * The effect of natural thermal therapeutic healing * Patient-pleasing comfort * Energy that is absorbed in water, not pigment meaning there is no chance of damage to bone m arrow
  • Ergonomics:tabletop
  • Application:surgical
  • Amplifying medium:CO2
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