Stockings (orthopedic clothing) / compression / woman VenoTrain® look Bauerfeind

Stockings (orthopedic clothing) / compression / woman VenoTrain® look Bauerfeind
VenoTrain® look

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The VenoTrain look is a reliable compression therapy stocking for the modern woman. The main features of the product are: good looks and medical efficiency. It can go well with any outfits making your legs look glowing and healthy. The VenoTrain look is immensely useful for pregnant women, women who need protection from thrombosis while working and women who suffer from vein conditions. So what are you waiting for? Buy the VenoTrain look today and put your best foot forward and forget about all your health concerns. The is mad of a material that is partially transparent. The VenoTrain look can be availed in four different colours. To make it more comfortable you can chose between medium and light pressure. You can get the size that you want for get a customised one too. These aspects of the VenoTrain look make it extremely comfortable for all.
  • Garment type:stockings
  • Application:compression
  • Patient type:woman
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