Sterilizer load cooling rack BMM Weston

Sterilizer load cooling rack BMM Weston
BMM Weston

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BMM Sterilizer load cooling racks BMM Sterilizer load cooling racks is used to the increased heat loads and increase the cooling efficiency. The load cooling racks are basically designed as open-air replicas of the sterilizer chamber. Once the loads is removed from the chamber by the trolley they are transferred to the cooling racks, allowing the carriage and load to return to normal temperature before additional handling. The Sufficient supply of cooling rack improves department efficiency by allowing transfer of warm loads from loading trolleys, ensuring they are free to use for loading new dirty packs and are not being restricted by the post-sterilization cooling process. Features -Compatible with existing loading trolleys and carriages. -Releases trolleys for further sterilizer loading. -Available in powder-coated or stainless steel.
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