Medical autoclave / vertical / with sliding door SERIES 4 BMM Weston

Medical autoclave / vertical / with sliding door SERIES 4 BMM Weston

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Series 4: Pit-mounted, roll-in horizontal sliding door steam sterilizer A steam sterilizer is used to sterilize with steam under pressure. Sterilization is performed with high temperature that steam under pressure can reach. The high pressure also ensures saturation of wrapped surgical packs. Features. -The Series 4 sterilizers are the first roll-in range of sterilizers. -The roll-in design eliminates the need to transfer loads between trolleys and helps reduce the time to process large volumes of work. -Available in single and double ended versions and boasting capacities up to 2320litres. -The popular choice for life sciences sector and is available in Porous Load and Laboratory models. -Porous Loads Series 4 Sterilizers are popularly configured for healthcare applications with full compliance to EN285 and HTM2010. -The porous load cycle is designed to attain quick and even penetration of steam in the load to produce an efficient, repeatable sterilizing process. -The cycle is intended to process wrapped instruments, air entrained materials such as linens, gowns, dressings and medical/surgical equipment. -Standard Compliant for all BMM Weston sterilizers.
  • Other characteristic:with sliding door
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:vertical
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ME13 7EB
United Kingdom
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