Single-head stethoscope / brass Laubry® Spengler SAS

Single-head stethoscope / brass Laubry® Spengler SAS

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This unit comes with a single head chest piece with a chromium plated brass body and a strong grip. Useful for identifying blood pressure levels and for ausculation, this works with a strong acoustic readout and will not change heart or lung sounds, thus creating accurate readouts in an exam situation. This also uses a clip ring that is comfortable to the patient and will not cause chills or other common issues. This is made with ear tips to go with it and a colour that matches the tube. The eat tips are also clear and easy to hear out of and environmental noises will not impact the ways how sounds are used. The Y tubing is also made of PVC to make it suitable and sensible for many plans. This is available in black, carmine and navy blue colours. There are no sound interference problems here as well while the frequency response waveform will be idealistically preserved.
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