Dual-head stethoscope / zinc Pulse® Series Spengler SAS

Dual-head stethoscope / zinc Pulse® Series Spengler SAS
Pulse® Series

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The chestpiece is composed of chromium-plated or color-coated zinc alloy with 6 colors availability. Its two models one with single head and another one with dual head. This is very ergonomic and functional with ideal handover. It is used for regular diagnosis and blood pressure measurement. It offers high resolution acoustic diaphragm amplifies, heart and lungs sounds without distortion. Pulse® and Dual Pulse® are ideal for blood pressure measurement. It has bell chestpiece (dual pulse) for heart sounds. The non-chill clip ring is used for patient relaxation and noise-free examination. It has ready-to-use adjusted binaurals. It has been designed to automatically adjust to the ears' listening angle offering comfortable and maximum listening. Its soft screw-type earpieces are composed of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) with matching color to the tube color. It has acoustically sealed ear fit. The surroundings sounds do not impact on listening. Its single pipe tubing is composed of PVC. The color range is of black (silver chestpiece), navy blue, light blue, emerald, raspberry, carmine and yellow. It offers outstanding acoustic transmission and restitution without sound interference.
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