Dual-head stethoscope / cardiology Laubry® Clinic® Spengler SAS

Dual-head stethoscope / cardiology Laubry® Clinic® Spengler SAS
Laubry® Clinic®

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This state of the art stethoscope is a chrome-plated chest piece with waterproc seal. It is specifically designed with an ear tip obturating system for complete sterilization through cold immersion in hospitals to encourage the prevention of nosocomial infections. This revolutionary device is equipped with a high resolution acoustic diaphragm as well as a non-chill ring. It also consists of adjustable binaural with PVC coated technical spring. Its remarkable Y tube is in PVC anti-ozone and anti-UV treated. This one of a kind stethoscope is surely the best tool for our heathcare professionals making their jobs easier and more efficient.
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13856 Aix-en-Provence
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