Semi-automatic urine analyzer BC400 Contec Medical Systems

Semi-automatic urine analyzer BC400 Contec Medical Systems

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The BC400 Urine analyzer provides highly precise results quickly and efficiently. This instrument was developed based on advanced technologies for the clinical inspection of urine, including electronics, modern optics, and computer science. Special features include a bright white LED for excellent visibility, with an optional English or Chinese interface. The user-friendly device has three modes to meet different user needs: One-Step, Slowly-Series, and Quickly-Series testing. You can choose conventional units, international units, or symbols based on preference, and the device is conveniently compatible with 8, 10, and 11 testing paper items. You can choose the type of testing paper produced by separate factories. The BC400 system also allows you to monitor the entire testing process and features audible-control prompts and auto-character for added convenience.
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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