Fetal monitor 50 - 240 bpm | CMS800G Contec Medical Systems

Fetal monitor 50 - 240 bpm | CMS800G Contec Medical Systems
50 - 240 bpm | CMS800G

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This fetal monitor is utilized for monitoring fetal heart rates and maternal uterine contractions in pregnancies over 28 weeks in order to provide reference data for clinical use. It features an 8 inch color LCD display with a screen that can rotate to 60 degrees. The monitor can be used individually or it can be connected to a PC via the RJ45 interface in order to enable central monitoring. The fetal monitor is suitable for use in clinics, doctors' offices and hospitals, as well as by professional medical personnel in patients' homes. The monitor clearly displays patient data and curves, and it has a continuous 12-hour patient curve and data storage. It manually records fetal movements and has a continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring function.
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