12-channel cardiac Holter monitor TLC6000 Contec Medical Systems

12-channel cardiac Holter monitor TLC6000 Contec Medical Systems

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TLC6000 Dynamic ECG Systems contains recorder & analysis software. Recorder is an easy- to -use unit, which collects 12-lead ECG waveform synchronously and records continuously for 48 hours. Main Features ?With 12 leads synchro analysis , QRS search can be more exactly ?There are more than 10 templates as atrial premature beat module, ventricular premature beat module, long interval module, atrial flutter module, atrial fibrillation module etc.and multiplicate User-defined templates could almost identify every kind of pathologic waveforms ?Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis, so that physicians can use full, segmented automatic, manual analysis of atrial fibrillation, make the analysis more quickly and accurately ?Powerful pacemaker analysis, on the AAI, VVI, DDD etc. all pacemaker analysis ?Any period of single lead or 12-leads ECG can be reviewed at any time with the function of fast waveform review and analysis ?Analysis of heart rate variability with short-range 5 minutes and long-range 1 hour and full analysis of heart rate variability ?A one-stop printing operation, report printing process is convenient and quick ?"Heart rate turbulence" analysis can predict the risk of death in patients with myocardial infarction ?"T Wave alternation" analysis is a important index on judging and preventing Arrhythmia ?The report has more reference value with the functions of VCG, VLP, TVCG and QTD analysis.
  • Number of channels:12-channel
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