Polysomnograph with EEG / ambulatory CMS4100 Contec Medical Systems

Polysomnograph with EEG / ambulatory CMS4100 Contec Medical Systems

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CMS4100 AEEG consists of record box and analysis software. The record box features in small volume, easy and shortcut operation interface, which can achieve sync collection for 16 channels of EEG waveform and SD card collection for 16 channels; adopting large-volume T-FLASH memorizer, wich can continuously record up to 24-hour, and the EEG waveform stored can be replayed; clear software interface and convenient operation, EEG waveform stored in record box can be replayed, analyzed and processed. Main Features ?Integrate collection magnification, filters and A/D transformation of EEG signal into this product which adopts SMD technology, adjust amplitude automatically, and with good anti-jamming ability. ?24-hour carrying for recording, and user can move normally, which is convenient for monitoring, capturing the concealed and moment EEG pathological waveform. ?Bluetooth sync collection, real-time data uploading and waveform monitoring.(optional). ?Waveform playback function, amplitude and playback speed are adjustable, montages can be set freely(such as monopolar, bipolar or user-defined montages). ?Function of case contrasting, which can simultaneously view and contrast the waveforms of the two different cases or the same case waveform in different time. ?System parameters can be set as required, which meets different users requirements. ?Clipping of the EEG waveforms segments, select any section of EEG waveform for analyzing and storing, and select several segments waveforms for automatically analyzing and distilling to different parameters.
  • Other characteristics:with EEG, ambulatory
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