Seat cushion NoDec 900 Rober

Seat cushion NoDec 900 Rober
NoDec 900

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Rober’s reputation for being innovative is once again demonstrated with the launch of our NoDec 900 battery powered Dynamic Seat Cushion. The NoDec 900 is a fully dynamic cushion which provides maximum comfort along with stability, giving the user reassurance whilst in use. The NoDec 900 will run independently on the battery, or can be used whilst connected to the mains, in conjunction with the charging cycle. Using the battery, the system provides a minimm of 17hrs of run time, based on the configuration. The seat cushion is made from a specially developed PU film which has been used in the manufacture of all our cells. This material has passed all automotive and medical devices specifications. The external cover is a PU breathable two way stretch fabric and is totally waterproof, making it suitable for outside applications. The pump is designed with graphics for an easy-to-read screen which sits at the top of the unit, giving the user battery life and pump cycle information, as well as access to the power button. The sturdy aluminium case provides excellent shock resistance, along with the high level finish expected from Rober. The system is supplied with a neoprene cover to protect it from the elements when used outside, which can be left in place for indoor use. The pump case comes with a unique bracket system which will allow a variety of different fastening options, to suit the many securing methods required for a product of this nature.
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