Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / dynamic air / tube 1200 mm | NoDec Bari Rober

Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / dynamic air / tube 1200 mm | NoDec Bari Rober
1200 mm | NoDec Bari

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1200mm wide for patient weight up to 400kg Prevention of Pressure Sores (Decubitus) in patients with highest risk and effective therapy of already existing pressure sores of all grades. Presents all advantages of an alternating pressure system with total pressure elimination = Zero-Pressure (first therapeutical principle of P.D. Dr. med. W.O. Seiler, Basel). Effective static comfort mode for pain sensitive patients, switching automatically to alternating pressure modes. Three therapies – one solution: Alternating pressure mode Complete pressure elimination (Zero-Pressure) on each area of the body for 20% of each cycle. Static comfort mode The patient rests as highly comfortable as on recognised LowAirLoss-Systems. User comfortFig.3 New technology with display panel assure user friendly and safe operation. Push button operation •Switchover from dynamic to static mode •Selection of comfort mode: firm, medium, soft •Maximum static inflation of mattress for nursing activities •Complete air extraction for packing and storing •Operating hours counter for documentation Construction Inner configuration. The completely new construction of the (Patented) mattress allows patient weight up to 400 kg. CPR The CPR valve provides quick deflation - within 15 sec for cardio pulmonary Resuscitation.
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