Scale bed / 3 sections Scaleo® BC170 SCALEO MEDICAL

Scale bed / 3 sections Scaleo® BC170 SCALEO MEDICAL
Scaleo® BC170

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The Scaleo® bed-chair offers all advantages of a variable height of an electric bed and a comfortable chair, while integrating an accuracy weighing system. It was developed for dependent patients that require weighing on regular bases and a clinical monitoring for a long period of time, and also for patients who must control frequently their weight for a short period of time, including dialysis. The maximum safe working load of 170 kg concerns the majority of the patients The maximum angle of inclination down, of the leg section, is 33°, allowing a very confortable position chair. This position offers many clinical benefits, including the improvement of the patient's respiratory capacity and blod circulation in the legs. The bed-chair Scaleo offers also the advantage of moving from lying to sitting position without changing support and avoid patients transfers, especially for heavy people. The bed-chair Scaleo ® is a Medical Device and a weighing instrument of class III metrology.
  • Features:scale
  • Number of sections:3 sections
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