Ceiling-mounted patient lift Hi-Trac ® SCALEO MEDICAL

Ceiling-mounted patient lift Hi-Trac ® SCALEO MEDICAL
Hi-Trac ®

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Hi-Trac®, high performance ceiling transfer for people with disabilities. A new technology, a modern design, and many years of experience. Our rail systems give a large number of possibilities in many different configurations : up to 6.40m rails, interchanger, traverse system, curves with different radius, crossings etc... The installation can be made above a basin, a swimming pool, or any kind of environment which need transfers from the bed to a chair or bathtub. There are different types of engines available with a charge capacity going up to 300 kg, with linear motorisation and optional infra red remote control. The rails are easily installed and can be used for further installations in case of modifications. The 4 point suspension provides a lot of comfort to the patient. Other uses are also possible such as transfer with stretcher strolling with an adapted sling.
  • Configuration:ceiling-mounted
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