Electronic scale system Scalis® SCALEO MEDICAL

Electronic scale system Scalis® SCALEO MEDICAL

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Scalis® is a class III weighing instrument, as per the 2009/23/EC Directive classification, especially dedicated to be mounted on lifters for weighing patients with a sling. The scale is easy to install on any type of floor or ceiling lifter. Scalis® is immediately ready for use and autonomous thanks to its long lasting Lithium battery and automatic shutoff. Once the Scalis® is mounted, it doesnt need to be removed from the lifter. Simply switch it on or off at your convenience. The scale allows users to be lifted and weighed in a one-step process. Scalis® is fixed to the patient lifter with universal rings with integrated ball-joints. The integrated ball-joints allows angular mobility and repositioning of the scale in its vertical axis. They avoids disruptions during the weighing of agitated patients and stabilizes the weight for a maximum accuracy.
  • Technology:electronic
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