Safety cabinet / laboratory CLASS 100 CGMP Capintec

Safety cabinet / laboratory CLASS 100 CGMP Capintec

The CAPINTEC Class 100 cGMP Isolater features a pneumatically-operated shielded door between the main chamber and the prechamber, with 60mm Pb or 75 mm Pb shielding options are available. The pre-chamber can be located on either the right or left side of the main chamber. The interior is completely sealed by means of a vertical unidirectional airflow. Isolaters are available in both partial recirculating air or full exhaust operating configurations. This mini-cell is thus ideal for storage and operations on a automated chemistry module. Single, dual, or quad configurations are available in the freestanding units. The isolator can also be integrated with other CAPINTEC Hot Cell/Isolater configurations.
  • Medical establishment: : laboratory
  • Applications: : safety
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