Thyroid uptake scan gamma probe / tabletop Captus ® 700t Capintec

Thyroid uptake scan gamma probe / tabletop Captus ® 700t Capintec
Captus ® 700t

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An ideal solution for space and budget constraints, this Captus® 700t Tabletop Thyroid Uptake and Well system will perform all of your necessary uptake and well counting tasks. HIPAA compliant software is used for counting procedures, and dedicated modules are used for thyroid uptake. Tasks including Bio-Assay, wipe tests and lab tests such as blood volume, Schillings test, and RBC Survival and is quick and easy with this system. You can easily perform automated QA for Chi Square, calibration, Constancy, MDA and resolution functions. A Cs-137 reference source is used for system calibration, Chi-Square and constancy, and Eu-152 is used to improve calibration of spectral energy. The system has user-friendly General Measurement software, and you can define ROIs or select them from a menu that has pre-defined regions. Reports show results with counts by area of interest and by full spectrum.
  • Measurement type:for thyroid uptake scan
  • Ergonomics:tabletop
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