Calibrator CRC ® -Ultra Capintec

Calibrator CRC ® -Ultra Capintec
CRC ® -Ultra

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Create a calibrator setup that will cater to your department's needs with the CRC ®-Ultra Dose Calibrator. It features a modular configuration of Capintec Beta Detector, Well Counter, and up to eight field upgradeable standard or PET chambers, giving you infinite possible combinations. The CRC®-Ultra can combine both standard 12 atmosphere and 5 atmosphere PET chambers and uses the same high quality proprietary sealed and pressurized Capintec chambers. It also supports the shielded well counter, which is designed for wipe tests, laboratory tests, and other low activity measurements with user-definable protocols, and the beta counter that is devised for measuring high energy pure beta emitters, such as P-32, Y-90, or Sr-89. With two source positions and custom holders, the beta counter generates great reproducibility with extended measurement range.
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