Calibrator CRC ® -55tW Capintec

Calibrator CRC ® -55tW Capintec
CRC ® -55tW

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The CRC®-55tW comes with new plug and play capacity and a helpful chamber. As a amalgamation of the new CRC®-55tR Dose Calibrator and Well Counter, the CRC®-55tW’s dose calibrator gives advanced features with the speed and accuracy you need to measure activity and prepare doses. The CRC®-55tW also does counting functions for wipe tests in just 6 seconds at activities as low as 1 nCi. Drilled well high sensitivity Sodium Iodide (NaI) detectoris used to measure low activities. The well counter comes with a 256 channel MCA which gives a detailed spectrum for classification and study. Its ion chamber is one of Capintec’s time-tested, high pressure well designs capable of measuring a dose as high as 6 Ci (250 GBq) with high accuracy. For wipe testing, the CRC®-55tW gives the user the option to select counting procedures (protocols) and state trigger levels for work, patient, open areas and sealed source leak tests.
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