Rigid synthetic tape / for casting PHIL-CAST Mika Medical

Rigid synthetic tape / for casting PHIL-CAST Mika Medical

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PHIL-CAST™ is a product used to compress, fix and support a part of your body suffering from fractures and other orthopedic diseases. It serves the purposes of impact prevention, protection on the treated area, pain alleviation, and treatments. PHIL-CAST™ orthopedic fixing tape is made of glass fiber or polyester fabrics and water hardening resins. If exposed to the air, it is combined with the moisture in the air to start hardening. Thus, the catalyst lor PHIL-CAST™ is "water". Three to five minutes after soaked in the water, hardening starts. Within 20 minutes, it gets hard enough to support the weight. If the warm water is used, the hardening time can get reduced. If the cold water is used, it gets longer. The original fabric for PHIL-CAST™ is made by our own technologies. Compared to other products, it provides 30% higher flexibility and elasticity which is easy to use. PHIL-CAST™ uses the exclusive manufacturing formula of MIKA MEDICAL providing excellent softness. After surgery, great forming can be done.
  • Type of tape:rigid
  • Application:for casting
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