Needle-free insulin injector COMFORT-IN Mika Medical

Needle-free insulin injector COMFORT-IN Mika Medical

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Which one is applicable to you? Are you irritated by use ol a needle syringe or alraid of it? Are you afraid the needle can sting someone accidentally? You want to start insulin injections but you are afraid of needles? Is it hard to use a pen type injector? Are you getting shots to a certain part of your body only? You need intense insulin management but you donl want insulin prescriptions that need the use of needle injections? Are you afraid of giving a shot to yourself so someone else needs to do it for you? The best solution for those who are afraid of using needles and who experience pains caused by the following problems pertaining to consistent use of needle injections! Failed sugar control Abnormal fat nutrition-body fat troubles Periodic injection failed Anxiety and reduced quality in life Anti sentiment against stronger insulin prescriptions Delaying or rejecting starting of insulin shots
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