Ankle splint (orthopedic immobilization) PHIL-BRACE™ Mika Medical

Ankle splint (orthopedic immobilization) PHIL-BRACE™ Mika Medical

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PHIL Brace™ (Ankle) supplements the weakness of the existing fixing plaster, casting tapes, soft brace and elastic bands. Also, it combines all the advantages of them as a functional supplementary tool. It supports activities and recuperation at the same time. The main goal is to prevent protect recuperate, and alleviate troubles in the ankle. This product was developed for the most optimal functionality to protect and support the injured ankles. PHIL Brace™ (Ankle)has the following features. FUNCTIONAL ABILITY It effectively fixed the area near the ankle, the left/right/lower tendons(Anterior Talofibular Ligament And Inferior Extensor Retinaculum) so that the side effects are reduced and the patient can recuperate fast. The pad is made of a functional shape and material to minimize the skin contact area and prevents skin troubles and to minimize muscle contractions. FIXING ABILITY Fixing power Suitable curvature tor a human body of out wall. Improved fixing power. Bi directional tension strap fixing methods to induce excellent fixing power. To improve the supporting power, polypropylene is applied to the out wall material. To fix the ankle, an elastic band is used. Fixing power and activities are improved.
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