Radiography test phantom 0695-0180 Capintec

Radiography test phantom 0695-0180 Capintec

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X-ray exposure measurements are required to be determined by the JCAHO for common projections in all radiographic suites. Specially designed phantoms like this chest x-ray phantom need to be used to gather this information when Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) or Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) systems are used. There needs to be attenuating material between the AEC or ABC detectors and the source, and patient-equivalent phantoms are needed to attain accurate results because the detectors are energy-dependent. These chest x-ray phantoms are acrylic and aluminum and are patient equivalent. They conform to the AAPM recommendations, which state that four special phantoms should be used in x-rays that are diagnostic. They also conform to JCAHO requirements for measurements of radiographic exposure. They provide the attenuation needed between the detectors and the source, and they are easy to use.
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