Pulmonary function testing system Ultima PF™ MGC Diagnostics

Pulmonary function testing system Ultima PF™ MGC Diagnostics
Ultima PF™

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For the latest technology and sensors that provide uncompromising reliability and performance, the powerful BreezeSuite™ cardiopulmonary diagnostic software guarantees simple single button testing. Our product meets and exceeds ATS/ERS specification and standard. Our proprietary preVent® flow sensor coupled with the fast gas analyzer technology ensures that infections remain under control while maximizing lab efficiency. preVent® FLOW SENSOR FOR SIMPLICITY AND ACCURACY removes the need for warm up and recalibration as it is switched between patients there are no moving parts or electronics. To reduce expenses use a filter, sterilize or discard EASY TO USE BREEZESUITE™. With the CARDIOPULMONARY DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE operators can spend less time on the unit and more time focusing on patients comfort. There is automatic gas calibration which saves time. Real time analysis is done by our ADVANCED DIGITAL ELECTRONICS Real-Time Diffusion with it clinicians are capable of seeing the alveolar gas sample.
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