Polysomnograph with EEG BWIII MGC Diagnostics

Polysomnograph with EEG BWIII MGC Diagnostics

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The BWIII PSG, manufactured by Sleepvirtual and distributed by MGC Diagnostics, is a state-of-the-art diagnostic system that combines both EEG and Sleep. The system plays an important role in diagnosing sleep-related disorders while giving clinicians full featured tools and support . The BWIII sleep diagnostic system provides labs with 50 channels, which meets or exceeds AASM standards, while allowing staff to focus on the patient and less on equipment. The BWIII is a fully type 1 PSG with epilepsy montage and full EEG, QEEG, VEEG and LTM in one device. Real-time sleep statistics can be reviewed during testing. The BWIII supports staff focus with easy-to-identify and easy-to-connect inputs. The complete and accurate report generator offers almost 900 different parameter templates for truly fast and accurate test results.
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