Body plethysmograph Platinum Elite™ MGC Diagnostics

Body plethysmograph Platinum Elite™ MGC Diagnostics
Platinum Elite™

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Many plethysmographs are tight and uncomfortable for patients to use. The Platinum Elite Series™ however offers the latest technology in the plethysmograph industry. Without compromising comfort, this machine is easy to use but very accurate. It offers an affordable option for all of your comprehensive diagnostic, testing and research needs. Whether a crowded lab or tight testing facility, this plethysmograph will fit. Its self-revolving door and zero-clearance aids in its space efficiency and with an interior volume of 725 L, this machine is the most ergonomic "body box" on today's market. Additionally, this machine offers a spacious interior with added foot room. It further has an unlimited weight capacity making it usable with all of your patients. Compact, easy to use and very accurate, this machine is a great investment for your healthcare facility.
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