Polysomnography software / medical Encephalan-PSG Medicom MTD

Polysomnography software / medical Encephalan-PSG Medicom MTD

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Automatic detection and highlighting in the signal window the signs of epileptiform activity, movement (periodic and single limbs movement), different types of respiratory disorders (central/ obstructive/mixed apnea, hypopnea), episodes of desaturation, snoring, body movements and other events. Marking of brain activity patterns for sleep stages determination (sleep spindles, K-complexes, saw-tooth waves). Manual hypnogram building (if montage contains at least 2 EEG, 2 EOG and 1 EMG channels) using quick search of required fragments and trends of calculated parametrs. Automatic hypnogram building by original algorithm, based on fuzzy logic and cluster analysis, with option of learning by examples. Editing of automatically formed hypnogram and combining it with the one built manually. Display of trends of calculated physiological parameters change dynamics in unified time scale with hypnogram, such as indices trends of brain activity rhythms, heart rate, breathing rate and depth, respiratory minute volume, SpO2, indices of muscle tone of legs and body, etc. Automatic calculation of sleep statistical indices (sleep scoring) basing on a hypnogram (TST, sleep efficiency, WASO, etc.) and selected sleep events (indices, number and duration of episodes). Report forms, which contain data in tables and graphs according to common international standards (AASM). Option of adding to the report fragments of raw signals and video data, indices trends, etc.
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