EEG software / medical Encephalan-EEGA Medicom MTD

EEG software / medical Encephalan-EEGA Medicom MTD

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Software Encephalan-EEGA and software REG-studies provide effective visual analysis and various types of quantitative analysis of electric brain activity and brain blood circulation for valid neurophysiological diagnostics. Basic variant (for modification 08) Routine EEG studies with phono-photostimulation and results analysis with various methods of quantitative analysis with topographic mapping. EEG recalculation in different montages, automatic search and suppression of ECG artifacts. Software uses updated ergonomic interface Ribbon, in which menu elements and buttons are grouped in tabs for their functional purpose. This allows decreasing number of buttons which are simultaneously displayed on screen, and making easier the process of study carrying out. Rheoencephalographic studies REG (brain impedance plethysmography) (basic variant). Forming automatic conclusion with description of characteristics of pulse blood filling, peripheral resistance and elastic-tonic vessels characteristics. Editor for forming doctor's conclusion by EEG and REG studies with templates (glossary), saving results in the data­base, preparation of printing documents.
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