EEG amplifier Encephalan-131-03 Medicom MTD

EEG amplifier Encephalan-131-03 Medicom MTD

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Reliable tool of a classic encephalography in combination with innovative approach to functional diagnostics provides new capabilities and efficiency of carrying out studies Connection of electric brain activity dysfunction and brain blood circulation can be reliably detected by uni­que means of synchro­nously carried out EEG and PSG studies (Patent RF 2248745) Compressed cardiocyclic presen­tation of dynamics of recorded physiological parameters (EEG, super slow brain activity, REG, ECG, PPG, GSR, temperature, respiration effort, etc.) in one time scale demonstrates the inter­relation between various systems of an organism (Patent RF 2252692) A family of Electroencephalograph-Analysers: with 8, 16, 19 or 24 EEG-inputs (32 digital channels and 2marker channels) plus photo-, video-, audio-, and electric stimulation and patterned video stimulation outputs. Optionally, up to 6 polygraphical (ECG, SCG, SGR, EMG, EOG, PPG, CHD, RESP, TEMP, etc.) inputs and up to 6 timeshared rheoencephalographical (REG) inputs.
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