Polysomnograph with EEG SleepScout™ CleveMed

Polysomnograph with EEG SleepScout™ CleveMed

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SleepScout is a wireless Type III portable sleep monitor for untethered sleep studies to assess sleep disordered breathing and periodic leg movements. Monitor oral appliance effectiveness, titrate oral dental appliances. SleepScout for is utilized in Dental Sleep Therapy Data collection of chin EMG available to dentists. Differential pressure transducer for CPAP titration studies. Flexibility to choose ECG & EMG or EEG & ECG combinations. Offering More Than Typical Type III Monitors conflict CMS guidelines, surpasses AASM guidelines. Easy confirmation of electrode placements . Wireless Technology for Inpatient Testing Wireless real time data transmission to any computer. Improved assessment of overall oral appliance/CPAP compliance and effectiveness. Measure CPAP compliance and effectiveness extended battery life for multi night studies. SleepScout is a portable fexible package optimal for unattended home sleep testing and attended hospital inpatient testing.
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