Polygrahy software / medical / polysomnography Crystal PSG™ CleveMed

Polygrahy software / medical / polysomnography Crystal PSG™ CleveMed
Crystal PSG™

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The Crystal PSG software is easy to setup and effectively manages patient and study management. The information that is transmitted as output can be used to assess a patient's sleep as well as data acquisition, scoring and reporting generated during the process. The software is user-intuitive making it easy to install and use. It is flexible enough to be used with a wide range of monitors such as CleveMed's PSG systems (Sapphire PSG & Crystal Monitor) or portable sleep monitors (SleepScout & SleepView). While the patient sleep important signals such as heart rate, body position, and CPAP level can be monitored once the data from physiological signals are captured with the Recording Sleep Data Crystal. Electrode placement can be confirmed with the Sapphire PSG impedance check. Technicians that monitor sleep can assess previous comments and bio-calibrations. Raw data will continue to be recorded if the acquisition screen is paused.
  • Application domain:polygrahy, medical, polysomnography