Polygrahy software / medical SLEEPVIEW™ CleveMed

Polygrahy software / medical SLEEPVIEW™ CleveMed

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This is a web portal which ensures doctor’s security, HIPAA compliant, online access to patients' sleep test raw data, scoring by registered polysomnographic technologists, and professional interpretation with treatment recommendations by board-certified sleep physicians. The device comes with some major features like HIPAA COMPLIANT, AASM COMPLIANT, ACCESS TO RAW DATA, TIMELY DELIVERY, WEB APPLICATION, CONVENIENT. It proffers protected connectivity to patient's sleep test data, scoring, and interpretation. On the top of that it also proffers Automatic email notifications, no need to email studies or reports, additional soothing for patients, ease in testing and wallet friendly for the users. SleepView records physiologcial data while the patient sleeps in the comfort of home, and works hand-in-hand with the eCrystal PSG web portal.
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