Polysomnograph with EEG Sapphire PSG™ CleveMed

Polysomnograph with EEG Sapphire PSG™ CleveMed
Sapphire PSG™

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Sapphire PSG composed of 22-channel sleep system and has state-of-the-art wireless hardware and crystal PSG software to manage patient data, acquisition, scoring and reporting. Flexible Package Wireless Type I PSG system aids attended, remotely attended and unattended sleep studies. Built-in wireless and portable integrated amplifiers, headbox transducers, and information telemetry in one device. Features included are can be fitted in compact carrying case, easy installation, set-up new sleep facility, free from expensively hard-wiring cable, increases patient comfort and movement and easy to store when not in use. This device is ideal for patients who can't fall asleep to sleep laboratories.
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