Pin drilling machine dental laser G1 CONCEPT Georg Schick Dental

Pin drilling machine dental laser G1 CONCEPT Georg Schick Dental

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Pinhole drilling unit with laser light source Working principle Plaster arches are drilled from the underside to ensure the accurate fixing of the pins. The drilling process has been carried out more or less comfortably to date, but problems arise when the drill holes and the device become contaminated with drilling dust. The G1-Concept pinhole drilling unit from Schick-Dental solves this problem via direct connection to an external suction device. The pins can be inserted immediately after drilling. Pinhole Drilling Unit with laser light source and optional connection to external suction device Laser light source for precise positioning of the drill holes Straightforward drill replacement via the novel Auto-Lock-System (ALS) no need for any tools! Drilling depth gauge can be steplessly adjusted via the external adjusting screw Clean drill holes and equipment via external suction Traction power motor for extra-hard plasters and model materials Select optimal working position via simple adjustment mechanism (sitting / standing) Method of use Select the ideal working position of the G1-Concept pin bur device simply by loosening the internal hexagonal screw in the stand. The plaster arch to be processed is placed with the underside on the drilling table. The corresponding drilling position can be accurately determined with the laser light source simply by moving the plaster arch. The bur is operated simply by raising the lower section of the drilling table. Continue the movement, applying only slight pressure, to drill as far as the gauge.
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