Dental laboratory plaster trimmer G3 CONCEPT Georg Schick Dental

Dental laboratory plaster trimmer G3 CONCEPT Georg Schick Dental

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Working principle Sawn model dies are sharp edged, making further processing an awkward proposition. With the G3 Concept, you can now trim the outer faces of the dies parallel with the model pin, so that the die is rounded off. The adaptation of the dies can be more efficiently monitored as a result of the smooth finish. Model dies processed with the G3 Concept can be given further treatment easily and rapidly; at the same time, the model acquires a professional appearance. Die trimmer for single dies Ergonomic, futuristic design Maximum user-convenience Safety stop ensures precise processing Method of use Insert the sawn model die by the lower end of the pin into the special receptacle in the model holder. Remove projecting plaster edges with the trimming disc, then round off the die with the plain side of the disc until the desired shape is achieved. The stop in the baseplate of the G3 Concept prevents the pins from being damaged by excessive grinding. The ergonomic design of the G3 Concept promotes precise working. An external vacuum extraction system reliably removes the grinding dust from the model holder by way of the extractor socket at the rear.
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