Dental laboratory milling machine / bench-top S2 MASTER Georg Schick Dental

Dental laboratory milling machine / bench-top S2 MASTER Georg Schick Dental

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As an innovative enterprise in the dental industry, we are constantly on the lookout for new solutions to improve the price-performance-ratio of our products even further. With the new S2 Master milling device, we succeeded in combining the high quality of the S-Series with the need for an economical product solution. The S2 Master milling device completely satisfies the requirements of the S-family for safe and perfect milling. It ranks between the S1 Junior and the S3 Master thanks to its more sophisticated technical features and showcases a genuine all-round milling device. When developing the S2 Master, special emphasis was placed on a high-quality configuration that was simultaneously in line with standard usage, together with a compact design. The S2 Master has a milling spindle with brushless C Master technology. This makes it possible to have revolutions of up to 40.000 rpm with a powerful torque and is therefore also best suited for treating particularly tough materials. The model table can be securely fixed in place on the S2 Master magnetically. The LED light head integrated in the milling spindle provides for a shadow-free lighting during all milling work and thus permits an optimal view. For more intricate milling work, the S2 Master is equipped with a drilling lever and a finely adjustable depth stop.
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